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We have secured funding for the Virtual Dementia Bus to return to Largs, Millport and West Kilbride.

The VDB is the only scientifically and medically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain the experience of what dementia might be like.


When a person that has dementia has finally been diagnosed, we must give the support team around them a true understanding of what they are experiencing and what they experience during the future dementia journey.


The Virtual Dementia Tour is a vital bridge to entering their world, it is unlike any training course available and challenges the misconceptions surrounding dementia.

The Virtual Dementia Tour is available for your staff, families and anyone that comes into direct or indirect contact with people that have dementia.

Some of the organisations that have accessed this training are: care providers, NHS trusts, Councils, Fire Service, Police , Prisons, Universities and many more.


This inspirational training is changing the lives of so many including the amazing people that support people with dementia.

Email to find out when the bus is next in North Ayrshire.

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