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This is a national scheme used by the emergency services. 

It has been designed to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details on a standard form, along with any repeat prescription, in a tub within their fridge.

The tub initially contains a personal information form and two green cross stickers: one is attached to the outside of the fridge door and the other is attached just inside the front door above the hall light switch. 

If an emergency arises, and the emergency services are called, the green cross above the light switch indicates the presence of the tub in the fridge.

help tub.png

Tubs are available free of charge
from the premises below:

Halliday Pharmacy
Aitken Street


Bonellie Opticians
Main Street


Morrison’s Pharmacy
Irvine Road


Aitken Street

Wright's Home Hardware
Main Street


Largs Medical Centre
Brisbane Road


Main Street


Largs Post Office

Gallowgate Square


Main Street

Largs Library

Allanpark Street

Thanks to all the businesses above for their amazing support and helping us distribute over 1000 tubs within the North Coast area. 

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